Feature Request: Expose method like "public bool IsLongerThanMaxPath(string path)"


I'd like to request that a new public method like "public bool IsLongerThanMaxPath(string path)" be added to the this library.
It's implementation will basically be "return (path.Length > PInvokeHelper.MAX_PATH);"
The user scenario here is that I have to call a method on a third party library, VMware VIX API's CopyFileFromGuestToHost(string guestPathName, string hostPathName) but it does not support long paths, at least for the hostPathName.
So what I have to do is:
string shortHostPathName = hostPathName;
if (shortHostPathName.Length > 250)
 shortHostPathName = ConvertToShortPath(hostPathName);
CopyFileFromGuestToHost(guestPathName, shortHostPathName);
if (shortHostPathName != hostPathName)
 ZetaLongPaths.ZlpIOHelper.MoveFile(shortHostPathName, hostPathName);
I would like to avoid hard-coding 250 in my program since ZetaLongPaths already has its own definition.
Thank you.